We navigate our client through the creative process, bringing your imagination to fruition. No matter how aesthetically intricate or environmentally challenging, the project will be accomplished by our team of renowned consultants, comprised of designers, highly skilled master craftsmen, wood floor inspectors and sales professionals.

We pride ourselves in handling all aspects of the job from start to finish. As part of this holistic philosophy we provide a wide range of services.

Design and Customization

Our team of artists can work with images and inspiration provided by the client or design their own original patterns and looks. Five National Wood Floor Association Best Wood Floor Award titles are testament to our unending quest for innovation and perfection.

Assembly and Installation

The master craftsmen on our team are world-class experts in their field and teach courses in wood work. They can evaluate the conditions of each site and apply the appropriate combination of technology and methodology to ensure the best possible look and durability of our products. We offer an extensive range of solid and engineered flooring solutions in a variety of woods and finishes. 

Jobsite Finishes

Our finishes are enhanced by high-tech dustless machine sanding systems or by traditional hand scraping followed by coloring through deep-acid etching or traditional staining and are completed by the finest  burnishing oils, natural waxes or environmentally-friendly natural vegetable oils with low VOC content. We also provide a wide selection of prefinished products. One of our highlight onsite services is our ability to customize the color after installation. This is vital to designers and invaluable in certain environments where reflections could alter color perception. Our finishes allow us to do color correction and matching in a matter of minutes and even after the finishing process. 

Other Services and Maintenance

Other services provided include height adjustment, subfloor preparation, dry laying (The process of laying down the floor in the space, allowing the client to directly observe the product and make changes that they deem necessary.), hand scraping, color-, grain- and grade- matching, permanent coloring with acid etching, burnishing oil applications, installation and maintenance care.