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Custom Wood Floor Mosaic Design
Custom Wood Floor Mosaic Design


Our team of artists can work with images and inspiration provided by the client or design their own original patterns and looks. Five National Wood Floor Association Best Wood Floor Award titles are testament to our unending quest for innovation and perfection.


Archetypal’s reputation and credentials are evident in the specialized services we offer the client; from simple refurbishment to renovations and historic restorations.

  • Awarded Best Wood Floor of the Year by the NWFA 10 times
  • Preeminent Wood Flooring Organization Worldwide
  • 25 Years Collecting Diverse Stockpile of Reclaimed Wood
  • Committed to the Environment
  • Team of Expert Flooring Artisans


  • Who is Archetypal?

    Archetypal is the vision of Avedis Duvenjian, an artist dedicated to the preserva- tion of elegant design coupled with centuries of old traditions that embody the true beauty of fine wood.

  • Are you members of NWFA?

    Archetypal is very involved with the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and has won Wood Floor of the Year for several years running.

  • Do you use environmentally friendly products?

    We use European oils with virtually no VOCs, all natural waxes and high-tech dustless machine sanding systems.

  • How do I start a wood floor design?

    Click contact anywhere on this website or call our office at 718-537-6777 to setup a consultation.

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