FloorService Hardwax-oil

About Floorservice® Hardwax-Oil by Overmat

Floorservice® hardwax-oils have built an excellent reputation. The Floorservice® hardwax-oils ensure every wooden floor a lasting natural look. The carefully composed mixture allows the oils to penetrate deep into the wood, without blocking the pores. This allows the wood to keep breathing and the wood retains its natural structure and colour because no top layer is formed.

Every floor that is finished with Floorservice® Hardwax-oil Classic is guaranteed to be highly resistant to wear and is also water resistant since it contains silicid acid. Your floor is protected against stains caused by wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and of course water (in conformity with DIN 68861, 1A). The Floorservice® hardwax-oils are also resistant to saliva and sweat (in conformity with DIN 53160) and make your floor child friendly since they meet the requirements for children’s toys (in conformity with EN 71). In addition to this, the Floorservice® hardwax-oils meet anti-slip standard R9.

FloorService Hardwax-oil

Archetypal is proud to introduce a collection of color natural oils as a result of our collaboration with Overmat. With more than 30 standard colors and limitless opportunity for mixing, we have pioneered a technique that allows us to adjust color even after the original finish color is applied, to easily change the appearance of wood floors. Our oils penetrate deep into the wood without blocking the pores so the wood retains its natural structure. The various Floorservice® Hardwax-oils are the perfect choice for both residential and commercial installations for the ease of maintenance, resurfacing and color change.

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