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Unique One Coat Wood Surface Finishing Process

Unique One Coat Wood Surface Finishing Process

After all the sanding, texturing, scraping, and wire brushing is done to prepare a wood surface, we must thoroughly check the wood for even treatment of the surface. Whether the wood has been sanded or scraped, our craftsmen check the sanding/scraping area to ensure any visible marks are following the wood grain and not against it. Any kind of sanding, scraping or texturing marks against the wood grain will appear as a damage after the finishing process as these marks are accentuated by any color added to the wood surface. This is often a problem created by floor texturing contractors who skip sanding grits and cut corners preparing the wood for finishing.

Only after completing an inspection of the wood surface Archetypal artisans can begin coloring and sealing the wood surfaces. This final step is completely unique to Archetypal with their premium European oil finishing process. Color, seal and protect are all in a single coat.

As a USA FloorService Distributor, Archetypal is proud to introduce a collection of color natural oils as a result of our collaboration with Overmat. With more than 30 standard colors and limitless opportunity for mixing, we have pioneered a technique that allows us to adjust color even after the original finish color is applied and easily change the appearance of wood floors. Our oils penetrate deep into the wood without blocking the pores so the wood retains its natural structure. Archetypal premium oil finishing can be performed at our atelier or on-site and with any wood surface. Wood panels, cabinetry, tables and wood floors can all utilize this unique finishing process. It is extremely versatile and allows us to create many different types of finishes. By applying multiple layers we can create two-tone finishes and cerusing.  

Cerused layered wood surface finishing

Another unique aspect of our industry leading oil finishing is our ability to cure the finish within minutes. Once a finish is cured, the wood surface is available for immediate use. In cases of more complex finishing like two-tones, we can almost immediately apply another layer or color to the wood surface with little downtime.

The entire process can easily be completed within a few hours. With our unique hand rubbing or machine burnishing oil, we burnish the oil on the wood surface to help the wood fibers completely absorb the oil. The surface is then cleaned of excess oil and the finish is cured.

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