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Tile Or Hardwood: The Great Kitchen Flooring Debate

Tile Or Hardwood: The Great Kitchen Flooring Debate

Oil finished hardwood floors give your home a beautiful, rich look with a natural glow. Because of this hardwood flooring has recently become popular as it can create a stunning, seamless look in any room of your home. Including the kitchen.
Tile is the traditional choice when it comes to redesigning a kitchen floor. But 90% of those who own homes prefer tile or hardwood in the kitchen and with open concept designs becoming not only widely accepted but also widely expected from potential home buyers, continuing the use of commercial wood flooring into the kitchen has quite a few benefits.

Complete cohesion

The use of tile on the kitchen floor is useful. If a mess is made with sauce or flour the texture of the tile makes it easy for cleaning up. But if you have an open concept design in your home, using tile rather than the oil finished wood floors you used in the living room creates a sense of separation.
That sense of separation may work well for homebuyers who are new to living with open floor concepts. But for those who are not new to the open concept, continuing commercial flooring from the living room and into the kitchen with a hardwax oil floor finish will create fully cohesive look between the rooms.

Less money

Using hardwood floors throughout the living room as well as the kitchen allows you to save time and money that you would otherwise spend on picking out tile designs. Additionally, by choosing to use hardwood flooring throughout your house with a wood floor oil finish for that beautiful glow, you’re only making one design choice which ultimately reduces anxiety as well as the possibility of fighting between you and your living partner.

Easy to fix

If your hardwood floors are ever damaged in your kitchen, they’re relatively easy to fix. Simply remove the damaged planks and replace them with new ones, then coat the plank in the hardwax oil floor finish to have it match the rest of the planks. Tile is more difficult to replace and may require you to tear up your entire floor. With hardwood flooring, you don’t have to plan out an entire day to fix your floors.

Tile in the kitchen may be preferred by some designers as it is a traditional look and can come in a variety of options. Hardwood floors are preferred by others who enjoy the homely, warm glow of a hardwax oil floor finish. But ultimately, the great debate between hardwood floors and tile is up to the taste of the homebuyers.


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  • Handyhelper
    August 28, 2017, 12:02 pm REPLY

    Thank you for sharing numerous information.

  • Handyhelper
    August 28, 2017, 12:02 pm REPLY

    Thank you for sharing numerous information.

  • Amanda Baker
    September 4, 2017, 12:46 pm REPLY

    Apart from hardwood and tile, there are so many other options like- ceramic, natural stone, cork etc, available for the flooring of the kitchen. I think the winner of tile vs hardwood will be different in different cases. Because it depends on you, your budget and the state of the sub floor. But personally, I can view that, I will prefer tile to hardwood for flooring my kitchen. Because tile is water resistant, it is available with multiple designs and of course, it conducts heat better. But whatever may be your choice, you should install it properly and for that, you should hire a professional contractor who can make complete the flooring process in a more efficient way.

  • Savannah Phillips
    September 12, 2017, 6:21 am REPLY

    Thank you very much for sharing this nice post. Tile draws heat away, so tile flooring feels colder, especially in the winter. Of course, with tile flooring, you can also install radiant heat underneath, but this definitely adds to the cost.

  • Cameron Bennett
    October 5, 2017, 4:17 pm REPLY

    I like that you mention that tile is easy to clean, so it makes a good option for kitchens. It really does come down to personal preference what a person wants with their flooring, but I think the most important thing is that you have someone who is skilled and professional come in and install it. It doesn’t do a whole lot of good to debate whether the floor should be wood or tile if you don’t like the flooring job that is done.

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