Fine Wood Flooring & Surfaces

custom floor installation

Archetypal custom fine wood floor production & installation for parquet, herringbone, planking, and mosaic floor designs. We use all natural finishing oils for a professional shine.

Custom Wood Mosaic - Crocodile Pattern
Custom Wood Floor Designs from Archetypal


We craft your custom floor designs from our extensive inventory of wood planks, parquets, and mosaics.

Perfect Color Matching

onsite finishing

Our onsite finishing is enhanced by the use of high-tech dustless machine sanding systems or traditional hand scraping followed by coloring through deep acid etching or traditional staining. All of our finishes are completed using the finest European burnishing oils, natural waxes and environmentally friendly vegetable oils with low VOC content.

Traditional oil finishes require up to 17 days to fully cure while Archetypal’s revolutionary system will dry and cure instantly using a light curing method. Our European oils come in a variety of colors and can be mixed to create and match nearly any color your design requires. Our unique ability to adjust the color on-site allows for adjustments based on differences in lighting temperatures or last minute design adjustments. A feature beloved by interior designers and architects.

Wood Floor Finishing and Resurfacing

Surface texture preparations

Wood finishing and scraping

Our skilled craftsmen can complete complex surface texture preparations using a variety of high-end textures like flat sanding, hand scraping, wire brushing, antique texturing, and distressing.

custom color

Custom onsite coloring from driftwood effects to silver and Dutch metal leafing.

wood surface finishing

Archetypal uses hand rubbed color oils at our shop or on-site for custom finishing on cabinets, doors, moldings, panels, furniture (tables, chairs, armoire and more).

Custom Wood Table

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